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Pioneer Cabin

Reeder's Alley offers a unique year-round glimpse into Helena's past. The Alley is available to see at all hours of the day and the historic Pioneer Cabin is available for both guided and self guided tours throughout the day.

The schedule for Pioneer Cabin tours is as follows.
Self guided tours during the summer months ( June - August ) : Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Guided tours : Monday - Friday 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Pioneer Cabin, 1927
Pioneer Cabin, 1927. Photo by Grace N. Erickson

Pioneer Cabin Under Tree
Pioneer Cabin on right, George Mitchell wood yard in rear. Mitchell on wagon in front, after 1904. Photographer unidentified.

Pioneer Cabin in center under tree. Photo from 1930s, taken by Grace N. Erickson

Helena wood yard (1903) - George Mitchell. This is now lawn and garden behind Pioneer Cabin, Reeder's Alley buildings above.

This bathtub, which has been nicknamed "the Hat Tub" for it's similar shape, was a luxury of the time period as most people of the time did not own their own and would have to pay to clean themselves in nice warm water.

This china hutch (left) and pie safe (right) are both thought to be original furnishings of the cabin. The pie safe has hand-punched tin doors and was used traditionally to hold all types of food. The hutch was used to hold dishes, cooking pots, and other kitchen implements.

This red rocking chair that sits in front of a decorative parlor stove in the Pioneer Cabin den area was made by a Helena area local craftsman in the gulch in 1867.

A view of the Pioneer Cabin front room in which we see both the living room and bedroom share the same area.

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